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Specialty Repairs

At LakeSide Mercedes Repair we are your one stop shop for all repairs. We not only do the every day brake jobs and spark plug replacements, our technicians specialize only in Mercedes-Benz automobiles, allowing them to focus and perfect their repair techniques and continually gain more knowledge about these one-of-a-kind cars. LakeSide also has the technology needed to read and program all of the vehicle's computers.  

Balance Shaft Replacement

One of the common specialty repairs we perform is the replacement of the balance shaft on M272 and M273 engines. This is a relatively new issue but is becoming very common and our technicians are well versed in repairing it and making your Benz like new again.

Cracked Flex Discs

Have you checked your flex discs lately?  As opposed to domestic vehicles with U-joints, Mercedes have a flex disc in the front connecting the transmission to the driveshaft and, in the rear, another flex disc connecting the driveshaft to the differential. These discs are made of rubber. If there are any cracks in either one it should be replaced right away. A broken flex disc could cause very serious damage to the transmission and driveshaft, among other important parts. Every time you are in for an oil change or maintenance service, the flex discs are one of the many things we carefully inspect to make sure your car is safe and reliable.

Installing the Electronic Ignition Switch (EIS or EZS)

The EIS is not a new system to Mercedes. In fact, in the late 90s, the S-class was given the honor of being the introducer of this system to the automobile world. If your vehicle is having a problem with the EIS system, we have the tools and knowledge to diagnose and replace it. The new switch will then need to be programmed to the vehicle's control unit, which, of course, we can also do here at the shop.

Resealing Diesel Oil Coolers

Another problem we see regularly is leaking oil coolers on the M642 diesel engines. You can be assured that when you bring your Mercedes to LakeSide our technicians have the expertise to know what to look for when resealing and reassembling your car's oil cooler and manifold set to prevent future problems.

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