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LakeSide Mercedes Repair

(503) 620-8021  "We specialize in your Mercedes"

7390 Bonita Road - Tigard, OR 97224 -- Hours 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday

lakeside mercedes logo 200x200 min

LakeSide Mercedes Repair


503-620-8021 "We specialize in your Mercedes"

7390 Bonita Road - Tigard, OR 97224 -- Hours 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday







Harlan K in Lake Oswego

It's been good all the way

Lakeside Mercedes Repair's people are pretty good. They will do a lot of diagnostic work to find out more about an issue and its possible solutions. They once searched for what was causing noise when I turned. They were honest and open with me during the whole process. In the end, the amount I had to pay was very small. I can't complain about that.

My son has a new Ford and has been giving it some miles. I know he wants this Mercedes one day, though, so I'm keeping it around!

Harlan K.

Lake Oswego, OR


Sylvia J in Warrenton


I went to Lakeside because there was a problem with the transmission and everything turned out fine. He even fixed the key without me saying it was broken!

Sylvia J.

Warrenton, OR


Vince A in Portland

Cordial and professional

I went to Lakeside Mercedes Repair for a routine service because it was time to change the oil. They also decided to check the car and since my wife's car is older, I declined some of the things they wanted to do. It would have made it the perfect car but there were too many things and it was too expensive but they did do the full service and I was happy with it. I would go back.

Vince A.

Portland, OR


Nick T in Portland

Excel in terms of expectations and experience.

I have regular service visits with Lakeside Mercedes Repair. They have always been prompt, professional, and give great follow up. They pay attention to the little details in customer service.

Nick T.

Portland, OR


Hasan A in Portland OR

Experience was fantastic

The service at Lakeside Mercedes Repair was impeccable. They do a fine job and the only input that I would have is that in order for me to be a customer on an ongoing basis, they have to give me a reason to come back. This critical for a small business and the rate they charge should not be almost as much as a dealership. In order for me to come back, there has to be a value proposition and it's not there.

Hasan A.

Portland, OR


Patrick C in Lake Oswego

Great service

It was the first time I had a job done at Lakeside Mercedes and I would certainly recommend them. I needed to get a new rig and they took great care of my car while they were working on it. They were all very courteous and I had no concerns with trusting them to respect my car and get the job done right.

Patrick C.

Lake Oswego, OR


Carol P in Lake Oswego

Very positive

I just had major trouble with my car and Lakeside Mercedes Repair repaired it. They were very honest, caring, and do good work. They're very fair in their price.

Carol P.

Lake Oswego, OR


Jessica P in Sherwood

I highly recommend them.

We've been with Lakeside Mercedes Repair less than 6 months now, we heard about them from a friend. We are doing all of our services with them now. When we call, they always respond. They are very polite and friendly. I highly recommend to any other Mercedes owners.

Jessica P.

Sherwood, OR


Caroline B in Portland

Premier Service!

Mercedes Benz Specialists were very professional, organized and pleasant. When you bring your car for repair, they fix it until it runs perfectly. If there is something else to be done, they call you before they proceed with the work. I like bringing my car to their shop!

Caroline B.

Portland, OR


Sam T in Lake Oswego

Better, quicker, and cheaper service.

Lakeside Mercedes Repair has taken great care of my car. I was taking it to another company for the past thirty years, but because Lakeside has saved me so much money I have decided to stay with them. They do a better job, and do it quicker. I would highly recommend them!

Sam T.

Lake Oswego, OR


Elaine M. Tigard Or

They treat me like family.

I would give Lakeside Mercedes Repair 10 stars if I could because they are awesome. They treat me like family. I have been going there for about 3 years and they are the best. They have done every maintenance job for me as well as all kinds of little odds and ends. They replaced my battery cables and fixed my window when it was stuck and wouldn't go up. I have an appointment scheduled with them to do my fuel injectors. I really trust Lakeside Mercedes Repair and feel that they are looking out for me. They are not there to make a buck on their customers. They really care about their clients.


Elaine M.

Tigard, OR



Catherine L. In Portland

The bottom line is that I only trust Lakeside Mercedes Repair with my car.

This was my second time going to Lakeside Mercedes Repair and I was very impressed and plan on using them again and again! They were fast, precise and very reasonable. Customers can't go wrong going there! I've gone to other shops before, and I can't really say why this shop is better, it just is. It's smallish, but I think that helps them to stay on really good terms with their customers. Everyone there is really nice and knowledgeable. They provide excellent customer service. I feel like I can really trust them because I don't know much about some things having to do with cars, and they figure out what my car needs done and do it.

Catherine L.

Portland, OR



Diana in Portland

Personable, knowledgeable, fast

These guys are great! They're personable, and explain whatever needs explaining to the level I'm at. They're accommodating, even driving me to my gym while they do work. They do great work, and are affordable - even for Mercedes.


Portland, OR


Alycia S. Portland

I would definitely recommend them

The staff at Lakeside Mercedes Repair is wonderful at what they do. They're a nice family-owned business that always provides really good customer service. They follow up with me when there's anything going on with my car and really go above and beyond with meeting my needs. I remember one time they took my car home for the night just to make sure that it was running properly. They really take the extra step to make sure that my car is safe. I've been happily using them for over a year now for general maintenance and routine oil changes for my Benz. They're honest, knowledgeable, and never try to upsell me..

Alycia S.

Portland, OR


Debbie H in Tigard

Go above and beyond!

I've been using Lakeside Mercedes Repair Mercedes Benz Specialist for about four years. They are very fair in their estimates, and there's a low pressure push for anything that needs to be done. I feel that I'm very well taken care of when I'm there. It's like family almost. They did a diagnosis for me that they spent hours on, but they didn't charge me for all the time they put in. I feel that they just go above and beyond to take care of their customers. They call to follow up to make sure we're happy with the repairs. They have very good customer service. I feel that they are really looking out for me, letting me know additional things to keep an eye on, but with no high pressure like there is with dealerships. I've thought about getting a new car. I told them the reason why I hold onto my Mercedes is because repair service is such an important ongoing cost. They make that much of a difference to me, owning a Mercedes.